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Daily Digest February 18, 2010



      Apple says no to Adobe’s e-book DRM, prefers its own FairPlay

      Apple will use its own content protection technology to prevent e-book pirating, instead of Adobe’s more wide-spread technology. As a result, you won’t be able to transfer iPad books on other e-readers or use an iPad to read e-books purchased from other digital stores.
      E-books sold via the iPad’s iBook store will be wrapped with FairPlay, […]

      Apple doubles 3G app download limit to 20MB ahead of the iPad launch

      When Steve Jobs unveiled the App Store as an exclusive one-stop shop for third-party iPhone applications on March 6, 2008, he “forgot” to tell us about a 10MB per-app 3G download limit. We later learned we can download an app of any size over WiFi only. The limitation was initially met with criticism by the […]

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