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Daily Digest February 16, 2010



      NYT thinks iPad owners should pay $360 a year for the digital edition

      Would you agree to a $30 a month fee in exchange for an iPad-optimized New York Times edition? The paper’s top brass think you should because you will no longer buy the print edition.
      The next phase in digital journalism won’t unfold unless publishers realize that readers expect interactive newspapers to be priced comparatively to other […]

      Up next for the Nokia N900: 3D games, mobile Firefox

      The N900, Nokia’s flagship smartphone, packs in serious oomph in terms of both hardware and software. However, as someone once said: It’s the software, stupid. Despite initially scarce selection of quality apps, at least compared with Android and iPhone app machines, a few notable N900 applications are now in the pipeline.
      If you own the N900 […]

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