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Daily Digest December 6, 2009



      Intel cancels Larrabee graphics chip

      AMD and Nvidia will have big grins on their faces today as Intel has made a surprising announcement. Larrabee, it’s solution for a high performance graphics processor has been canceled.
      No specifics have been released regarding the development of the chip and what went wrong, but a comment from Intel spokesperson Nick Knupffer is very telling:
      The […]

      Appvent Calendar Day 6: smackBOTS

      There’s still a whole day of the weekend left so enjoy it while you can; and to help you on your way the Appvent Calendar continues with day six’s offering of smackBOTS.
      This is robot combat with a touchscreen and about as close to Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots as you can get in digital form.
      Pit […]

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