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Daily Digest December 31, 2009



      Kodak lets you post pictures on their Times Square display, when you want it

      Kodak, the company that is well known across the globe for photography and imaging products, has a cool new opportunity. They are allowing people to submit and post images to their large digital display at Times Square in New York City. If you think wasn’t cool enough, they even give you the option to choose […]

      Star Wars and The A-Team get mashed-up

      You know some things are just great together; like peanut butter and jelly, mustard and bratwurst, beer and well, more beer. But who would have ever dreamed that one beloved mercenary television series and an iconic science fiction story from the silver screen would mesh so beautifully together? Apparently kalleanka71 from YouTube had a vision they would.
      Take one part […]

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