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Daily Digest December 30, 2009



      Notion Ink’s Adam tablet first to get new Pixel Qi display

      Pixel Qi announced it was developing a new display early this year that managed to be very power efficient due to the fact it could use natural light to aid brightness as well as sporting a typical LCD backlight. Effectively this one display could act as both a normal LCD and an e-reader screen.
      After the […]

      Apple bends to Chinese censors, kicks Dalai Lama apps from the App Store

      A bunch of Dalai Lama-themed apps, including those just remotely mentioning the Tibetan spiritual leader, have been removed from the Chinese App Store following government pressure.
      Apple has banned all iPhone applications related to Dalai Lama from its China App Store, IDG News Service reported Wednesday. Banned apps include Dalai Quotes, Dalai Lama Quotes, and Dalai […]

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