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Daily Digest December 28, 2009



      Review: Military Madness: Nectaris for PS3

      It’s rather difficult to take a game named “Military Madness” seriously. The title alone reeks of some sort of Steven Seagal film where the military has gone mad and Steven Seagal himself must retrain the army and martial-art his way through a secret base along the moon.  I jest, of course, especially since Military Madness: […]

      Vonage offering unlimited international mobile service to iPhone and Blackberry

      If you happen to be an international jet-setter and often need to make international calls, telecom company Vonage has something new for you. The company, which is better known for VoIP residential phone service, has a new mobile service that you should be aware of that could save you money on making global calls.
      If you own a Blackberry […]

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