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Daily Digest December 20, 2009



      Did Ballmer really fire someone for not saying Bing with enough enthusiasm?

      This may just be a bit of viral marketing, but from the behavior Steve Ballmer has shown in the past, and his excitability usually displayed publicly at Microsoft conferences, I really wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.
      The man you see in the video above is believed to be an ex-employee of Microsoft. He lost […]

      Appvent Calendar Day 20: MiniSquadron

      A little bit later than usual in the day, but the 20th free game offered on the Appvent Calendar is now available.
      Developed by Studio Fung Fung it’s called MiniSquadron and is a shooter that puts you in control of a little plane that dogfights through the skies killing enemy planes, bombers, UFOs, ducks, seagulls, and […]

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