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Daily Digest December 13, 2009



      Appvent Calendar Day 13: iBlast Moki

      Day 13, unlucky for some, but what looks to be a real treat courtesy of the Appvent Calendar.
      iBlast Moki is a novel puzzle game from developer Godzilab. The premise is simple: use bombs to blast cute little Mokis into portals. It sounds and looks easy, but the level designs make for some really tough challenges. […]

      VGA 2009: Rock Band Green Day announced

      The 90s punk band doesn’t carry the same cachet as the Beatles, but the dudes in Green Day are getting their own Rock Band game. Green Day: Rock Band, as the aptly titled music game suggests, is aiming to satisfy fans with oodles of the band’s music and likenesses.
      With Green Day’s latest album, 21st Century […]

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