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Daily Digest December 12, 2009



      Mass Effect 2 gets geeky with an all-star voice cast

      Mass Effect was revered for its incredible story more so than its solid RPG/shooter gameplay, and a large part of that was a result of the game’s phenomenal voice actors. Mass Effect 2 is clearly aiming to keep its characters interesting, as a wave of new characters and voice-over performers have been revealed. The list […]

      Splinter Cell: Conviction slipping to March 2010? (Updated!)

      In the rear of the recently-released novelization of Splinter Cell: Conviction is a promotional ad for the game that states Ubisoft’s latest is hitting in March 2010. Wait, what?
      Splinter Cell: Conviction has seen its fair share of delays in the past three years, but it finally got an official release date announcement at this year’s […]

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