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Daily Digest April 8, 2010



      Mother charged with harassment after hacking into son’s Facebook account

      Parents know the importance of keeping an eye on their kids, especially when they are online, but it seems one kid believes his mother has gone too far. Arkansas-based KATV news is reporting that Denise New is charged with harassment after her 16 year old son accused her of hacking into his Facebook account, changing his password […]

      Starcraft II Collector’s Edition announced, $99

      If you were excited for Starcraft II’s upcoming release, prepare to become slightly more excited. A collector’s edition has been announced at $99 (instead of $59) that will get fans:
      a 176-page art book, a USB thumb drive loaded with the original StarCraft and its expansion pack Brood War, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a CD soundtrack, a […]

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