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Daily Digest April 7, 2010



      Video evidence of the iPhone 4.0’s front-facing camera for videoconferencing

      The iPhone 4.0 / HD – a fourth iteration of Apple’s handset that Steve Jobs allegedly called an “A+ upgrade” – could carry a front-facing camera for iChat-style videoconferencing on the go.
      Expected this summer in time for Apple’s annual developers conference due around June, the fourth-generation iPhone has already generated quite a lot buzz around the […]

      Swedish-made Google TV debuts in August with killer maps, apps, and more

      Google TV, an Android-based solution to a set-top box and TV media integration, is coming along nicely. The first company to announce a fully featured Google TV set is a Swedish startup called People of Lava.
      The company will be releasing its Scandinavia TV lineup around September, available in 42″, 47″, and 55″ flavors and beginning […]

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