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Daily Digest April 6, 2010



      The iPad says it needs to cool down under too much sunlight

      Early complaints from iPad users mostly focus on reported reception issues with wireless routers. On top of that, however, we’re hearing stories of other problems plaguing Apple’s inaugural multitouch tablet.
      Apparently, some iPads are malfunctioning when users expose them to too much direct sunlight. According to ZDNet, some overheated iPads refuse to work, greeting their users with […]

      SNES emulator landing on the iPad

      You are probably all tired of hearing about the iPad, but this will get your attention. It’s true, someone is working on a SNES emulator for Apple’s super slate.
      As you surely know, the SNES is just about the greatest console of all time. Combine that with the wonder pad and you could have a lot […]

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