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Daily Digest April 24, 2010



      Games and a web browser come to NOOK with latest update

      NOOK owners will get some significant new features and abilities thanks to the latest software update. Version 1.3 improves the performance of the device including faster e-book opening and page turns, but significant enhancements include new in-store capabilities, improved Wi-Fi functionality, a beta web browser and the ability to access games. These new abilities can […]

      App rejections coming to your desktop with a rumored Mac app bazaar in OS X 10.7

      All the criticism of Apple’s moral policing and app rejections could pale in comparison to a rumored Mac software bazaar that a developer believes will make an appearance in Mac OS X 10.7, the next major revision of the Macintosh operating system.
      Before you scroll down to the comment section, let me point out that other […]

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