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Daily Digest April 16, 2010



      The Doxie portable scanner tries to make scanning sexy again

      No matter who you are, you probably have a scanner collecting dust somewhere. They are one of the least sexy and most ignored of office gadgets. But Doxie, a really cute, lightweight and portable paper scanner might just bring the sex appeal back into boring old document scanning.
      “Document scanners are frustrating and poorly designed,” says […]

      GameStation EULA collects 7,500 souls from unsuspecting customers

      Like all of us, you probably click through EULAs without reading them. It’s understandable: no one’s going to read twenty pages of purposely obtuse legalese just to install iTunes.
      But if an April Fool’s Day joke plays by British retailer GameStation is anything to go by, maybe you should read the fine print more carefully: […]

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