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Daily Digest April 13, 2010



      Splinter Cell: Conviction has a freezing problem on 360

      If you have already picked up your copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction, and opted for the Xbox 360 version, be warned that there is a bug. When you get to the second level the game can freeze requiring a reboot.
      The freezing seems to be linked to being connected to Xbox Live, and getting the SC:Conviction […]

      SlideHD offers widescreen viewing to Flip Video line

      The Flip Video product line has a new addition that puts video into sharper focus with a new form factor to boot. The Flip SlideHD, allows consumers to capture up to 4 hours of HD video or view up to 12 hours of content, including photos, thanks to the device’s 16GB of memory. Watching video […]

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