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Crosman C11 Co2 Review


Author: Foose
Editor: Naota
Product: Crosman C11 (Co2)
Price: $41.99(Price may vary)
Date: 06/09/2010
Rating: 9.8/10

This was another gun I used to own, in fact, I owned a pair of them!!  They were the most powerful BB guns I owned, and they are responsible for destroying Naota’s Ps3!! 

SUMMARY: This simple gun packs power at 480 ft/sec shooting .177 caliber BB’s, putting some serious damage into it’s target (including my skin).  The clip holds 18 BB’s and is easily ejected with the release on the left side using the thumb (I deduce this gun is made for right handed people).  The accuracy is quite amazing.  Naota and I used to shoot the hole in the middle of CD’s from 2 – 7 meters away.  The trigger is a smooth action, probably contributing to the accuracy.  The downside is, its a bit soft, so the trigger can be accidently pulled (Shot my window twice as a result of this).  There is a weaver rail under the barrel, supposedly for a laser, but the sights are golden for me.  The safety is an easy push-and-slide mechanism with the index finger.  To change the Co2, slide back the handle, exposing the co2 chamber and the screw to tighten/loosen.

Velocity:  480 ft/sec
Magazine size:  18
Ordinance:  .177 Caliber BBs only
Power:  12 gram Co2
Customizable:  Yes
Attachments:  Laser

PERFORMANCE:  (Tested by Foose and Naota, average hits on a 6″ target)
1 – 5 Meters:   99 – 91%
6 – 10 Meters:  91 – 73%
11 – 20 Meters:  73 – 27%
20+ Meters:  27 – 10%

Best Power:  First 25 shots from a fresh Co2
Best Accuracy:  26 – 50 shots into a fresh Co2
Average:  50 – 85 shots into a fresh Co2
Weak Sauce:  86+ into a fresh Co2

This gun is the cat’s meow.  Although it lacks the imitation of real gun’s functions (compared to my revolver and P99) it sports both power and accuracy.  This gun earns the 9.8 / 10.


-Looks to be a combination of a Sig Sauer and a P22
-I destroyed Naota’s Ps3 with this gun
-This is Naota’s favorite gun of my collection
-Enki currently has my C11 that was stripped for parts.

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