Today is Wednesday, 17th July 2024

Basic HTML

Author: Naota

Here is some basic html! I will rewrite this later.

Basic Tags:

– This tag specifies that you are beginning an html web page and should be at the top of every web page you create.
– This tag specifies the end of the web page and should be at the bottom of every web page you create.

– Stars and ends the head of an html document. The head contains information like the title and meta data for a web page.

Title of page – This specifies the title caption displayed for webpage on your browser and is also read by search engines.

  Starts and ends the body of an html document.

Note: See how the tags are identical aside from the ” / ” infront of the close tag? Almost all tags are closed by just rewriting the tag and putting a / before the start.

Font Changes:

Want to bold some text? bolded words here
Want to italicize? Italicized words here
UnderlineUnderlined words here

That is all for now.


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