Today is Friday, 24th May 2024

Cloud computing is here!


It’s basically “A device that can fit in your hand will easily handle any VDI or extreme 3D graphics modeling use cases and everything in between. Multiple users can now connect to and utilize any amount of horsepower stored in safe, controlled environments.” (Quoted from EVGA, click to see their client!)

In other words, it’s a box solely with the purpose of connecting the user at home to a bigger computer that will run everything you want it to, and it’ll display the result on the screen. No more need to buy expensive hardware, but let the cloud do all the processing for you! Also all data will be kept on the cloud so no worrying about data loss, as well as security will all be handled by the cloud computer. This is a new hassle-free workstation!

The client box users will buy is small and very portable, and just as an example, here’s the new EVGA’s PD02.

Here’s a really detailed video explanation by EVGA Teradici (click the name for video)

-Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with EVGA. This article is meant solely for promoting cloud computing. It just so happens EVGA released a client recently so it was picked as an example. All credits for video and picture goes to them.

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