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Borderlands 2 Mod: Increase Enemy Difficulty


This is probably the best Borderlands 2 mod out there right now! It increases the difficulty of all the enemies you fight by pretty much emulating or tricking the game into thinking that you are in a party of 2, party of 3, or party of 4 — even though you could very well be in a solo situation.

The benefits to this other than the increased challenge? Better loot! Expect increased gold, better weapons, better class mods, awesome artifacts / relics, and great shields or grenade mods.

Here is a video of it in action! Keep in mind that this is only for Windows PC / Steam versions (not Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 / PS3 versions). This works in Borderlands 1 AND Borderlands 2.

Best Borderlands 2 Mod

This will make Playthrough 1 harder and Playthrough 2 MUCH harder. And yes — you can do this in multiplayer with the latest patches and DLC’s during a DUO / 2 player co-op.

Get the Borderlands 2 mod from HERE!

If confused on what to do, watch the video above. Andddd for additional information, check out Borderlands 2 Mod: Better Loot

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  1. Comments  Borderlands 2 Mod: Increase Difficulty, Better Loot | Upward Gaming   |  Saturday, 20 October 2012 at 1:22 AM

    […] Get it from Here. More information on this mod can be found at: Borderlands 2 Mod: Increase Enemy Difficulty […]

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