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Borderlands 2: Fastest Way to Level 50


Want to know the Fastest Way to Level 50 in Borderlands 2? Don’t we all!

It’s not hard to accomplish, but it does take time. You must be efficient, kill fast, and not die. But what else?

You’ll want Moxxi’s Endowment — an artifact / relic that increases the amount of EXP / experience you get ever time you kill an enemy. These percentage can vary, but 5% is common. Get it via the Mordy’s Secret Stashes mission (thanks Mordecai).

Joining a party can help you finish quests / missions quickly, kill monsters fast, and get to the part of the game that matters most — Playthrough 2 — where all enemies are stronger, higher leveled, and drop more money and loot. You’ll level very fast this way and can even get revived by your teammates, which is great because dying wastes both time AND money, which we want since we’re trying to lvl as fast as possible!

Kill Bosses! These guys give you lots of experience points and rare / legendary loot. It’s a win-win. If you’re up to the challenge, kill Terramorphous the Invincible for lots of EXP + even better loot.

Check out Borderlands 2 – Fastest Way to Level up for even more information on reaching level 50 (or whatever the level cap is after all the DLC add-on packs raise it). Good luck!

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