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While looking up search engines, I’ve been looking for one that was as good as Google, but more appealing.

The kind of homepage search engine I’d like to load to would very much be like the one Cuil has (also introduced in my earlier POST). So in aimless browsing, I’ve come across Blackle. This search engine uses Google as a custom search which not only helps their website gain popularity, but also actually has a semi nice look to it – basically it’s black. Not as cool as Cuil, but it’s results are more relevant, and it states that it saves energy by reducing the electricity needed to display bright pixels.

I only like it because it doesn’t make my screen all bright in an all dark room.. it could look better..

A short list of a few other search engines I’ve tried: – google equivalent for china mainly – you can ask complete questions – hands out prizes (once in a blue moon) – asks a live person – i forgot where I heard this from – fun name – found on wiki while making this page, only one I haven’t heard of that sounds fun, tho looks pretty plain and no I did not try this one

And no, I don’t use “Yahoo” or “bing” or any of those big company run search engines that doesn’t have net neutrality. (although none are completely, those tend to be a little too obvious sometimes)

/end post that feels like random rant


  1. Comments  Naota   |  Wednesday, 11 November 2009 at 11:22 AM

    Baidu = much better than Google

  2. Comments  Enki   |  Wednesday, 11 November 2009 at 6:51 PM

    it’s better especially when you can search in chinese, way more results as to exactly what you want, i.e. direct links to some things 😉

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