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Beretta 92FS Elite II Co2 Review


Author: Foose
Editor: Naota
Product: Baretta 92 FS Elite II (Co2)
Price: $48.95(Price may vary)
Date: 06/11/2010
Rating: 8.9/10

This here is Enki’s gun that he wanted me to review for him.  Fine piece of work right here.

SUMMARY: This detailed gun matches the C11 with 480 feet per second firepower.  Although they both share the same firing mechanisms, they do share some flaws, mainly with the clip.  Sometimes when I was feeding a clip in, the magazine spewed BB’s everywhere.  It’s pretty accurate, competing with the C11, and the 357W.  I found the gun very enjoyable, however the top was heavy in comparison to the handle so the front drooped down a lot.   The safety is an easy push-and-slide mechanism with the index finger.  To change the Co2, slide back the handle, exposing the co2 chamber and the screw to tighten/loosen.

Velocity:  480 ft/sec
Magazine size:  18
Ordinance:  .177 Caliber BBs only
Power:  12 gram Co2
Customizable:  Yes
Attachments:  Laser

ACCURACY:  (Tested by Foose on a 4″ target with 10 shots)
5 Meters – 60%
10 meters – 20%

Best Power:  First 25 shots from a fresh Co2
Best Accuracy:  26 – 50 shots into a fresh Co2
Average:  50 – 85 shots into a fresh Co2
Weak Sauce:  86+ into a fresh Co2


This gun is pretty fun.  As I said earlier, it has the same firing mechanisms as the C11, so it sports both power and accuracy.  However due to the heavier build on top, the accuracy slightly suffers, since there’s little recoil to counter the downward droop.  Also, there were times on occasion when the clip ejected the rounds when I tried loading.  Nevertheless, this gun earns a 8.9 / 10.

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