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Arduino air drums made from garden forks and flip-flops

How many times has an awesome rock song come on the radio that you just happen to know every bass-, drum-, and guitar-line to? You inevitably start playing air guitar, slappin’ ‘da bass, or tapping your fingers on the table to play along with the song. But, what if you could play an “air instrument” and actually make sound? One creative tinkerer named Maayan Migdal has discovered a way to do just that.

Migdal used a MIDI device and an Arduino board to build a full-on set of air drums that actually work. The video below not only shows Migdal rocking out to Rage Against the Machine’s rocking tune, “Killing In The Name,” but it also shows how he built the awesome air-drum kit.

To build the drum sticks, Migdal cut the ends off of two small garden rakes, and drilled a hole into each of the wooden bodies. He then snaked in an accelerometer and added what looks to be a rubber cap. One stick is the hi-hat and the other has two sensors which work as the snare and the crash cymbals.

The kick pedals are something else. They’re actually made from a pair of flip-flops. Migdal removed the original strap and installed a custom strap of his own. He then drilled a hole at the bottom of the sandal and made room for the sensors in each sandal. He then added the wiring through the hole he drilled at the bottom, added the sensors towards the top of the sandal, and closed the wiring up at the bottom with USB jacks. One sandal works as the hi-hat pedal and one works as the bass drum pedal.

We’d like to see a demo video without any background music to see just how well the air drums work.

Via TechCrunch

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