Today is Monday, 15th July 2024

Apple Unveils New In-Phone Ad System


Well, it’s finally here: along with Steve Jobs’ introduction of a shining, tempered-glass and aluminum shelled new generation iPhone that’s had a good part of the internet in uproarious joy, so too came the ad service that more than a few people had speculated would come (I’m sure they have anyways).

Called iAd (duh), the service will see in-app ads that will be themselves interactive in some form or another. While these ads will take up the entire screen, there will be options to close out the ads and won’t be locked in place. Additionally, since it’s Apple, there’s a rather high probability that we’ll see advertisers wrung through the same strict standards that app developers are. Anything remotely resembling a Head-On commercial on the iPhone is, I think, doubtful (unless you pull it up deliberately on YouTube to annoy someone else).

You can see the original Gizmodo article here.

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