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$250 DIY Bedazzler Induces Nausea via LEDs


BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s how I’ll begin this post. This doesn’t work as well as it sounds or people may imply, but if you’re bored you can go ahead and make one. I’ll be posting a video, as well as some pictures and so forth for those who are interested. Courtousy of Adafruit for the DIY.

Can pulsing 36 high-powered LEDs invoke sea-sickness? Adafruit have put together a $250 non-lethal weapon modeled after a 1 million dollar government project. The source code, schematic, and circuit board files are available. Included is a helpful video describing how she learned about these weapons and tests her own unit out on her boyfriend.

This setup is using 36 LEDs that are pulsing at 11Hz. The LEDs are a mix of blue and green for a “more effective result”, but red can be used as well. The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is being accomplished through a modern arduino. The PWM pins are wired up to high powered N-FETs (big transistors) in order to provide power to the LEDS based on the arduino pulses.

There are a few things that this project explains which can be useful in other projects.

  • Documentation for connecting high brightness LEDs to a arduino
  • Schematic provides clear example of how to connect high powered LEDs, I had not seen balancing resistors used before
  • Cooling setup w/heat sync to prevent LEDs from overheating
  • Optical lenses on LEDs to achieve wide angle

  • I’m sure Foose is building this as I’m typing this up


    Don’t Taze Me Bro!

    Source: PopSci / Adafruit | Direct DIY Link: Here

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    1. Comments  servbot_kill!   |  Wednesday, 30 September 2009 at 7:01 PM

      If it “doesn’t work that well” I would just wear a pair of sunglasses to sufficiently mitigate the effect. This doesn’t hold a candle to how well the actual article works on humans.

      Although this might be fun to use on the occasional trick or treater come 10/31.

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