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Ryan Higa NIGAHIGA Gangam Style GIF LOOP


Here are some Ryan Higa (NIGAHIGA) Gangam Style GIFs.

Homemade Rail Gun


For science!

Video: PlayStation 4 Preview of Game – Watch Dogs


Just FYI, this is actually being played on a PC right now despite it being advertised as otherwise, but it is suppose to look very similar on the PS4. It’s a nice gameplay trailer. My thoughts: the game looks fun AND the graphics are great! Good use of physics and so forth and nice concept (from what I can see).

Destiny: Pathways Out of Darkness


This looks more promising than Elder Scrolls Online. There, I said it.

Trailer made for PS4 in next half of article

Solve: Crysis 3 – Crashing, Lagging, Freezing, Errors


So the Crysis series is obviously one of the most fun FPS series out there.

And it’s easy to see why — the graphics are great, the gameplay is fun, and the story isn’t awful. That combination makes for a great game!

And so Crysis 3 happens to be. Just like Crysis 2 and Crysis 1, you will have hours and hours of fun destroying your enemies and exploring the maps.

Depending on your PC Hardware though or your Windows operating system, you may run into bugs, glitches, and game-stopping errors. Check out our game fixes below.

Note that the best operating system to use to play this game is Windows 7 for compatibility reasons. This means if you are using Windows 8, Windows Vista, or Windows XP even, then gaming errors happen more often.

Also keep in mind that if you get this game through Origin or through Steam, then different issues can occur as well VS buying the CD / DVD copy, as the install is different so there are different points of failure (i.e. install location is different, registry is altered differently, etc).

Fix Crysis 3 Crashing, Freezing, Black Screen

These problems generally originate from similar points and so the solutions are often similar as well.

— Update your video card’s drivers to the latest version to receive the latest bug fixes for this game (NVIDIA, ATI / AMD, Intel, etc)
— Change your resolution to something less before launching the game
— Launch the game in compatibility mode
— Run the game directly instead of via shortcut
— Run the game under admin / administrator mode (not recommended, but if desperate, can help)

Fix Crysis 3 Lag

This game is resource intensive. If your hardware specs are too low and don’t reach the minimum requirement or recommended requirement, then lag is expected. You can still improve your frame rate per second though.

— Turn off VSYNC
— Turn off shadows
— Lower your resolution
— Upgrade to the latest graphics card drivers for a performance increase

We will provide more, better game-specific solutions later on once this game has been out longer and we have more time to test…So come back again later for additional help!


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