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VIZIO XVT553SV, XVT423SV, XVT473SV Reviewed


I’ll be honest. This review is pretty late. In fact I had everything but the conclusion written and had it sitting for a year. I decided to release this information anyway because this TV is still going strong and looks amazing.

vizio xvt553sv Review 1 front

You can find the review for this high quality, yet budget conscious review on our site now. View the Vizio XVT553SV Review here.

Cool Video: The V Motion Project


Basically, this is music created and controlled by body movement / motion.

Geek Montage Update


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Video: One Square Meter House


Want a One SQM House? Neither do I.

Obviously, it has SOME usage, but in actuality, a tent would likely be better.

Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity – Insight Into Spontaneous Improv


This is TEDTalks from the TED Conference.

Basically, the guy in this video (Charlie Todd) talks about his experiences doing improv in public places.

For example — having lots of people entering a Best Buy wearing khakis and a blue shirt so that they look like a Best Buy employee…or running through a library looking like someone from ghostbusters. He shows one of his subway improvs too — where people from different stops keep entering a subway cart wearing no pants during winter.


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