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Daily Digest September 30, 2011



  • Plastic flying carpet is kept afloat by ripple power

    A Princeton grad student named Noah Jafferis has invented a flying carpet, of sorts. Rather than a magic lamp (or one’s imagination) this flying carpet is kept afloat using ripple power, something similar to how a skate or ray travels through the water. As a movement system the flying carpet design is interesting because it […]

  • Ubuntu One cloud storage service gets a Windows client

    Canonical has been pushing out regular releases of its own flavor of a Linux distribution Ubuntu as an alternative to paying for and using Windows. But that doesn’t mean the organization won’t embrace its rival’s operating system when it benefits users, and that’s exactly what has happened with regards to Ubuntu One. If you look […]



Darth Vader - No Noooooo!!!
Are you in a terrible, upsetting, or dire situation?

Don’t worry — Darth Vader’s got your back!

During such an emergency, press the super duper, awesome nooooooooooooooo button!

Your feelings will be expressed in the most simple and logical way – through Star Wars – as all emotions should be.

Unless you’re a Star Trek fan instead. Then you can go away.

Sexy Chicken in New York Times Upsets PETA


As some of you may know, there was an article written by Sarah DiGregorio about chicken skin and its culinary uses. It featured an image of a chicken laying in a sexy pose.

Yes I said a sexy chicken pose. What you didn’t think that it was possible to make a chicken look sexy?

I mean comeon… look at this!

Sexy Chicken from New York Times Chicken Skin Article

Hi there stranger. 😉

These photos were taken and set up by mastermind Mr. Cenicola. When asked about the photoshoot of the chicken, Mr. Cenicola said that the photoshoot was “embarrassingly painful”. This is quite understandable since it is hard to bring sexy back into a dead chicken!

Daily Digest September 29, 2011



  • Sharp Aquos 104SH with Ice Cream Sandwich announced by Softbank

    Google’s got an event lined up for October 11th and they’re going to unveil something — and there’s a darn good chance that something will be Ice Cream Sandwich. The next version of Android is supposed to launch in the next month or two and unify the OS across the varying screen sizes you now […]

  • NASA Tweetup: 150 lucky Twitter followers could witness the Mars Rover launch

    Listen up, space nerds; there’s a Twitter contest taking place that might actually tickle your fancy. @NASA is holding one of its infamous tweetups. A tweetup isn’t just some event where you meet other space enthusiasts at a local bar and talk about the latest developments at NASA. No, these NASA tweetups actually take place […]

Music Video: I Like Trains!


An asdfmovie song.


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