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Daily Digest August 31, 2011



  • Amazon testing tablet-friendly redesign, is a tablet launch imminent?

    The website hasn’t changed much over the last few years, but it’s about to get a major revamp. You may or may not be able to see the changes Amazon has made as the new site is slowly being rolled out to users. The blue menus and buttons we’ve all grown to know and […]

  • US Government seeks to block the AT&T&T-Mobile merger

    As outraged as it seemed the world of tech was when AT&T and T-Mobile announced that they were attempting to merge as a single company under AT&T’s banner, it looked as though it was going to happen regardless of our voices. Massive petitions to block the merger flooded the internet for weeks while the FCC […]

2747 Toothpicks In My Beard


Watch as this man tries to put 3000 toothpicks in his beard! This post was inspired by Wrathie.

Daily Digest August 30, 2011



  • Infographic charts the evolution of the mobile phone

    Look at your phone. Chances are if you’re reading this article on this website, you’ve either got an Android handset or an iPhone. You’ve probably owned a clamshell phone at some point, but that’s a long time ago. Product Development Technologies came up with this nifty infographic to show the slow and steady evolution of […]

  • Samsung unveils 3 Wave phones with Bada 2 and ChatOn

    While the world waits to hear if Samsung really is going to buy or license webOS from HP, the company is busy outing new handsets running two other mobile OSes. First, there were four new Android-powered Galaxy phones. Now Samsung has unveiled four more handsets, this time running its own Bada OS 2. Samsung’s Wave […]

Daily Digest August 29, 2011



  • Second failed flight of DARPA HTV-2 was caught on video

    There are times when things do not go according to plan. DARPA knows this all too well. The prototype Hypersonic Technology Vehicle (HTV-2) failed its second test flight after having failed the first one. The HTV-2 disappeared without a trace during the first flight. A video of the second failed flight has been released. The […]

  • Raspberry Pi $25 PC runs Quake III

    The Raspberry Pi $25 PC has been one of our favorite computing projects to come along in some time. We’ve tracked the development of it from a concept USB stick to a device in alpha production to something that actually runs Linux and exists in quite close to the form that its designers originally intended. So […]

True story of adult gamers


Ok, so I am an avid gamer, and I constantly have to put up with little kids who have no lives, but can own my ass in F.E.A.R 348 times over.  This comic puts all my suffering into perspective for you all to understand!

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