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Cool and short knife/gun defense video


This is a cool video I love to watch.  The guy here is a master at some martial art, I dunno what yet but it looks so easy.  I actually tested one move on our staff members… one of the last moves when the guy got on his knees with the attacker pointing the gun to other guy’s head point blank, except I, being the one on the knees, got way too excited and followed through too much…

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  • Kinect hacked to make UAV quadrocopter

    A group of MIT students have designed a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that uses Microsoft’s Kinect as a primary sensor. The Kinect makes it possible for the UAV, a quad-rotor helicopter, to autonomously map a room and understand its position in an environment where GPS is not available. This allows for autonomous flight indoors and […]

  • Galaxy S Plus with 1.4GHz processor confirmed

    When Samsung released the Galaxy S Android smartphone in March last year it got a good reception, and led to a number of derivatives including the Nexus S. But with the base spec now a year old, it’s starting to look very old in smartphone years.
    Rather than assign the name to history, Samsung has instead […]

  • Google Doodle honors Bunsen’s 200th birthday

    You may have woken up today thinking it was just another Thursday, that is, until you checked Google’s homepage and saw an interesting animation replacing the normal Google logo. Google is known for celebrating and honoring special holidays, occasions, and important dates in history with its “Google Doodle.” The company even has a patent on the doodle. Today Google celebrates the 200th birthday of German chemist Robert Bunsen with an interactive doodle.

President Obama DOES Own His Own Computer


Oh, and iPad. Just in case you were wondering.

Seems that the U.S. President was asked some interesting questions during an interview. Watch the above video to see his witty response.

Monster within a Monster


Pretty sure this could have happened to any company, but since I got an entire case of this stuff sitting in my room, thought I’d share this find as fellow viewers may also be affected.

Found video through a news article, and gotta say some comments were funny relating to the incident: “Monster’s secret ingredient” and “instant lottery.”

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  • Google launches In-app Billing on Android Market

    We reported last week that Google announced it will introduce an official in-app billing platform for its Android operating system. It was made available for testing last week, but the system is officially went live today.Developers are now able to publish apps with in-app payments, allowing users to make purchases within those apps.

  • Samsung is shipping laptops with keylogger installed

    Samsung is fast becoming one of the top laptop brands available with its series 9 laptops looking especially attractive to anyone wanting to invest in a new machine. But any reputation the company has built up may be about to get wiped out due to claims that it is shipping brand new laptops with an […]

  • Google Commerce Search now has Local and Search as You Type features

    Google has updated its search solution for e-commerce websites, Google Commerce Search. Started in November of 2009 with the intent to improve search quality and speed to help online shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, GCS has made a few changes, and added a few retailers to its list.


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