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Some of you may be interested to know that the infamous was recently bought by the infamous What is likely on the minds of most people is “will the deals still be as good as they were before?” — as well as questions of a similar nature. I personally think it will effect the pricing very minimally. You can read about this acquisition at’s Blog.

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Part 2


I can’t believe there’s a second part to this gunplay awesomefest. See it down below and look at the other videos linked to it for some other really well-done videos. Seriously, you’d think that these would be the epitome of low production costs… can we see a Modern Warfare series based on this?

Feeling Down?


Feeling sad that your team lost the worldcup? Upset for another reason? This video will turn that frown upside down. =) This video will play automatically when the page loads. Enjoy.

Michael Mind – Love’s Gonna Get You


Love’s Gonna Get You by Michael Mind

Funny Video: Highway Condom Explosion


This is just SO A.D.D! Has Foose done it yet? Haha, anyway, check out this video if you want some lols involving condoms.


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