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Best Instrument Ever: The Condom Bag Pipe


I have just encountered the most awesome, majestic instrument ever created: The Condom Bag Pipe. Behold its glory and be astonished as you listen to the great musical notes produced by this item of awkwardness. I wonder how you make one of these…Maybe there’s a DIY (do it yourself) guide out there for it =P

Funny Video: Highway Condom Explosion


This is just SO A.D.D! Has Foose done it yet? Haha, anyway, check out this video if you want some lols involving condoms.

Torrent Site Sends Condoms to Anti-Piracy Agencies


The torrent website known as Vertor has sent condoms accompanying a note to six different anti-piracy groups, which are listed as follows: MPAA, RIAA, IFPI, BREIN, BPI and BSA. Condom and Note The condom is a Vizit Overture aroma flavored condom for those who are wondering…and apparently sending these condoms is suppose to prove something — that . Regardless, it’s funny 🙂 Whether or not these condoms have holes in them is unknown, but the message in the note (pictured) makes it clear that they do not want these people to replicate. UPS tracking numbers are available to keep track of these packages being delivered.

More info on all of this can be read on the Vertor blog.

Source: TorrentFreak


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