Today is Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Hullo thar. I have added the compiled version of PT Amp v3 to the downloads section for any who are interested. I’ll be redoing that program in the near future out of boredom. Currently, Kaspersky is the only program I know of that will make a popup saying that the program has keylogger-like behavior. This is because it scans every X milliseconds for key presses — which is a keylogger-like behavior. The source is available in the programming section and you can check it yourself to see what I mean. It’s 100% non-malware so no worries. The next version will not have that problem and may be in VB 2008. Also, Noata added 1 HTML guide to the “coding” section — which use to be known as the “programming” section, but was renamed.

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