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The Legend of Link’s Distractions


My girlfriend just showed me this video and I thought it was very hilarious. Not to mention that this video couldn’t be any truer. I am sure Wrathie would love this video too… *tear*. Oh well.. I know Foose will like this video! *moves on* and the rest of you!

Enjoy it! Cheers mate!

The Five Finger Discount: Top 5 Zelda Games


Welcome to the 2nd edition of “The Five Finger Discount”, a column dedicated to giving you the “Top 5” in the gaming industry. I am currently trying to figure out whether to post this column on a biweekly or monthly basis; I’ll make my decision by the next column though. For those who are new to the column, I rate a gaming topic’s top 5 via a finger count down:

    Pinkie = 5
    Ring = 4
    Middle = 3
    Index = 2
    The Thumbs Up = 1

This week, I’ll discuss the “Top 5 Zelda Games”! Last time Mario, this time Zelda? Think I have a Nintendo fetish? You bet youe ass I do! 😀 (Note: I am going to omit Zelda II: The Adventure of Link from the list because I never had a chance to play through it completely, so don’t hate). Without further ado:

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