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Free Online YouTube Video to Mp3 Converter


Ever want to take the music from a video you saw on YouTube and change it to a MP3 so you can listen to it? No? Well, then you can pretend that you need to and check out Video2Mp3’s online video converting service. It’s fast, free, and simple to use. These videos are normally FLV files so they’re not very friendly for many devices such as iPods and other things. Plus, if you just want the music / audio and not the video, then this is the way to go. 100% pure sound 🙂

Youtube adds Vuvuzela Noise Option to Videos


Youtube decided to add the option to play the Vuvuzela noise on all their videos. To activate it go to any video and hit the soccer icon on the bottom (towards the right side.) After that prepare for your ears to bleed! Want an example of when not to use the Vuvuzela? Just go to the Ninja Cat video I posted previously and turn it on.

*Update* The link has been fixed. This option isn’t on all videos.

Hitler reacts to the removal of Hitler Parodies


Yeah.  So as you are all aware, Youtube has been pulling the parodies of the movie Downfall (The origin of the ‘Hitler Reacts to…’)  No one is happy with this, and if this is the last ‘Hitler Reacts to…’ video I’m going to see, it sure is a good one….

YouTube Hitler “Downfall” Reaction Parody Videos Being Removed


That’s right, those hilarious videos that we’ve all been enjoying for awhile now are being removed. This includes such lovable favorites such as–

• Hitler Reacts to the iPad
• Hitler Rants About Lack of Dedicated Servers on Modern Warfare 2
Hitler Reacts to the Kanye West Incident at the MTV VMAs 2009 (still working as of right now!)
• Hitler Reacts to Resident Evil 5 Ending

The owners of the rights to the movie, Constantin Films, asked YouTube to remove them…and so it has happened! In my opinion, that is a very bad move on the part of Constantin Films. Why? Because MANY people actually wanted to see the movie BECAUSE of those parody clips. Boo Constantin Films, boo!


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