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Red Nintendo Wii Sale


Happy Holidays to everyone from Geek Montage! Amazon is selling A Wii Hardware Bundle for just $200. It comes with

  • A Red Nintendo Wii with a red controller with a Wii Remote Plus
  • Free Wii Nunchuck
  • Wii Sports
  • Super Mario Wii

Red Nintendo Wii Sale

You can buy the Red Nintendo Wii Package from Amazon by click here.

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Sony Releases Anti-Kinect Site and Anti-Wii Commercial


Sony has been pretty aggressive in their advertising for their Playstation Move. Finally years later, Microsoft and Playstation will have caught up with the Wii’s technology. You can see Sony’s Anti-Kinect website here, and you can watch the Playstation Move Kills Mii below.

Woman Loses 112 Pounds (8st) By Using the Wii Fit


This woman makes Jared from Subway look pathetic! Lara Roberts, a mum in the UK lost 112 pounds just by good dieting and using the Wii Fit. Over the period of one year she dropped from 252 pounds all the way to 140 pounds. Look at these before and after photos of her.

Lara Roberts - After Wii Fit

Lara Roberts - After Wii Fit

It literally is like night and day. She also looks like she is 20 years younger as well.

Lara Roberts Before Wii Fit

Lara Roberts Before Wii Fit

When interviewed about her extreme weight loss, she said that it greatly improved her sex life. Additionally, she will be starring in an episode of the popular UK Show, “I’m Hotter than My Daughter” next month. Her 15 year old daughter was not available for questioning.

On another note, a Woman Loses 54 Lbs on Taco Bell’s New Drive Thru Diet. What now Jared? What now…? Exactly.

Wii 4.2 Update Bricking Some Systems


The Nintendo Wii 4.2 update has been bricking some Wii systems. This update hits the homebrew community unfortunately and modders alike. Boo Nintendo! It’s to be expected, but w/e.

Wii Officially $199.99


Going back to The Shill article talking about a Wii price cut, it was made official by Nintendo at the Tokyo Game Show. The prices went to effect Sunday.

So all three major companies threw down prices. Now how it will affect the holiday sales, we shall see.

Source: Gamespot


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