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Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?


Here is a funny video by Yourtango. It is poking fun at Social Media Addictions that people have.

Are you addicted?

Woman Turns Into Jared Leto After Makeup


Yeah I have no idea who Jared Leto is either. Anyways… just watch as this woman turns herself into a man with Jack Sparrow-ish makeup.

Yeah really its a huge difference. Makeup is scary.

Meter Crawler Robot Race


Here is another one of those crazy things that you would only see in Japan! People have changed a simple measuring meter into a robot. Then they took it a step further and decided to make them all race. Watch this intense, high-speed action below.

I think that is pretty cool. Enjoy.

Actroid-F – A 100% Human Looking Robot


Meet Actroid-F. This is by far one of the most human-like robots ever created, possessing a wide variety of facial movement capabilities that look natural.

“AIST opened the doors to their lab for a few days and showed off some of their robotics development with Actroid-F. The operator’s facial expressions and head movements are tracked and replicated by the robot.”

Pretty neat, huh? I know I thought so! Imagine what robots will be like in another one-hundred or so years. They’ll put this one to shame I’m sure. In fact, maybe life will go the way of the Terminator movies and robots will rebel against human society…Or not.

Taiwanese Internet Safety Video


Some people in Taiwan have recently published a funny internet safety video.

Enjoy =)


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