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The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex


The Lonely Island tends to make funny music video/songs. Some are funnier than others. This one gave me a few laughs.

Enjoy! The Lonely Island is coming out with another album soon.

Another short song from Lonely Island – Boombox


In addition to DarkKnightH20’s post, this video from them will get a better reaction from you all. Gotta love the ending… actually no, I work at a retirement place…. fml


SNL Short Song – Threw it on the Ground


The guy from the Lonely Island did this. It’s not as good as his other works, but if you’re bored take a watch. Has its funny parts. This song is from SNL (Saturday Night Live).

Marathon: The Lonely Island – Like a Boss


This is the 3rd and final day in the Lonely Island Music Video Marathon. You probably did not know which video was going to show up next, but it’s here…Like a Boss! Seth Rogen is featured in this video and the over all message that this video is trying to portray is very clear. May we all learn something from it.

Marathon: The Lonely Island – On a Boat


This is day 2 of three in the Lonely Island Music Video Marathon. Today’s music video is…On a Boat! That’s right. It features T-Pain and will genuinely make you want to be on a boat. What video will tomorrow reveal in the marathon? I guess you’ll have to wait and find out!


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