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Review: Medal of Honor (2010)

Title: Medal of Honor

EU Box Art

System: PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Release Date: 10/15/10 across all systems

Format: Digital Download, DVD, Blu-ray

Admittedly, I was always a fan of Medal of Honor not for the gameplay which it offered, but the stirring soundtrack to which I would be blowing digital Nazis away to. Arguably, this series is where Michael Giacchino built his career to the heights it is now, as the composer to movies like The Incredibles, Cloverfield, and the 2009 Star Trek reboot; at the same time, it could also be argued that it was a symbiotic relationship that benefited the MoH series as much as it did Giacchino. Moreso, perhaps, if you found the gameplay of the entries to the series pretty lackluster. Even then, there was still the prospect of revisiting the “good war,” a conflict that generations then and generations now view as a titanic struggle of good versus evil and that subsequent investigations into the European theater of operations would reveal such a notion to be not a long stretch from the truth.

Unfortunately, for the Medal of Honor of today’s generation, it lacks for a lot of these potential benefits, even foregoing some of the dynamic gameplay of MoH: Airborne which garnered the most positive reviews of the Medal of Honor games since 2003. This Medal of Honor game is short and doesn’t get up to speed until a lot later in the game. There are its bright spots– the game doesn’t lack for pretty light and sound and plays well– but that might just be all there is to offer from this title.

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