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Funny Picture: eBay – It’s Cheaper For a Reason!

eBay…It’s cheaper for a reason 😉
eBay - Its Cheaper for a Reason
Like buying a PSP and it really being a gameboy in the case.

Comparison Between Sony PSP-3000 VS. the PSP Go


Although both of these products have been out for a while, I felt obliged to release a review to help those debating between both items. You can read my review of the differences between the Sony PSP-3000 and PSP Go here.

Epic Fail: Why Sony And The PSP Go Faces Backlash


Earlier in June when E3 2009 kicked off, Sony announce a new PSP called the PSP Go. This new machine would have 16GB internal memory, downloadable game-play, and more compact than the other PSP models. After its showing, people generally had good feeling about the new PSP and were already putting it on their want lists. What added to this was the implied promise that a UMD conversion would be available for existing PSP owners looking to get a Go.

PSPgo to Have Beefed Up Security


Looks like Sony’s PSPgo is going to have a bit of beefed up security. This will surely dishearten the game system modding and home-brew communities. Not too long ago Nintendo beefed up security with the release of the Nintendo DSi. It’s a common issue system developers in the gaming industry must deal with, but I assure you when I say that a new method/solution to bypass these measures will likely unveil itself sooner rather than later…Not to mention people can also just buy a normal PSP still. Here is an excerpt from Freakbits PSPgo Article

From very early on in its life-cycle, Sony’s PSP has been subjected to hacks that enable it to play pirate games. With the introduction of a new model, Sony hopes to stop the pirates. Some hope.

From fairly complex and initially nail-biting hacks (please don’t let me ‘brick’ it), hacking the PSP to play pirate games has got increasingly simple. With the introduction of the now-notorious Pandora Battery, carrying out those modifications became significantly easier and within reach of most amateur modders. After piracy became easy on earlier models, the company feels it is ready to bring an end to these hacks with the introduction of PSPgo, the next iteration of its popular handheld device.

“You won’t be able to rip your games and play them on the system, the firmware precludes that,” said Sony’s John Koller, confidently.

Arrrr mateys! Though pirating games is a bad thing…developing homebrew applications or games is not. I guess time will only tell how this one unfolds!


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