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Sony: PS3 Supply “Tight”


Things don’t looks so mighty for the PlayStation 3.

After reports of a disappointing January in sales, Sony announced that the PS3 will be in limited supply in the coming months.

Dragon Age Journeys


To compliment my previous post about the upcoming game called Dragon Age Origins (LINK), here’s a flash version called Dragon Age Journeys (LINK).

Cool thing is, if you beat the flash version of the game, you can unlock three starting items in Origins 😉

PS3 Cross Game Voice Chat Leaked


A Naughty Dog developer accidentally revealed Sony’s plan’s to release cross game voice chat (similar to 360’s party) in their next firmware update. In a PlayStation forum under the name “ReklissAbandon”, the developer accidentally revealed the feature when talking about the unfair advantages teams get when using Skype in Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

250GB PS3 Slims Coming To The US; Bundles TBA


After many months of speculation, after all other regions were getting the 250GB PS3 in bundles and stand-alones; Sony announced that the United States will officially get it starting November 3rd. It will sell for about $349.99 and the original 120GB slim still keeps the $299 price.

PS3 Slim Laptop!


Looking across America’s favorite viral video website Youtube; I found a video about a guy by the name of Ben Heck, who built a laptop using the PS3 Slim hardware! The system itself wasn’t modded, even so, it looks pretty awesome. Sony should do this, it would sell like crazy. PSPS3 anyone? Here is the video:

Source: Youtube


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