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Civilization V Announced


Feelin the urge to conquer? Well, then this will definitely feed the warmonger in you: Take-Two announced Sid Meier’s Civilization V today, and that series developer Firaxis will be back to develop it. It is expected that the game will be released some time this fall.

Review: Borderlands: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot


I installed the DLC for borderlands:  Mad Moxxi and I played the first few rounds.  It’s not all that bad so far.  All enemies are so far lvl 48 (They’ll prolly be stronger if more people play) and between each wave, there are massive ammo and health drops.  Inbetween rounds, you get weapon drops.  Now, each wave / round is different, because that winch mods the arena.  For example, she reduces gravity, or sends in all midgets/psychos, or all badasses/bad muthas, or she goes further… like making certain weapons do more damage, and others reduced damage, or she increases the recharge rate on enemies shields, or the health of enemies.  The music is pretty cool too, and I did find some good drops, although they are quite rare.

So that’s the preview, I’ll let the rest be discovered by the rest of you gamers.  Don’t be surprised if that winch pulls crazier shinanigans….

UPDATE:  This is a cruel version.  No matter what Playthrough I am in, it’s the same.  They get more health, shields and damage steadily.  Also those mod factors stack upon each other…  I don’t think even Brick can hold up very long, especially with the mod combo:  “Enemies have better weapons” and “Enemy’s take more damage” on a Badass Round……

Running specs:  Borderlands 1.21, Lvl 48 Hunter (Sniper)
Asus P5B Deluxe, Pentium D OC to 3.3Ghtz, 3GB Corsair RAM, Radeon X1800, 78GB Raptor HD, 200GB Barracuda, 780 GB Barracuda, 150 GB HP External Drive, Antec Tower Cooling Case

GNILLEY – The Yelling Game (PC)


Ever hear of a game that you play by yelling? (pun intended)
Well, listen to this: (more like watch..)

By the way, the download is free, but we’ll have to get rights if we want to upload it here, so just look for it through google for now. (MIC REQUIRED TO PLAY!) Does not support 64-bit!!!!

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Dragon Age Journeys


To compliment my previous post about the upcoming game called Dragon Age Origins (LINK), here’s a flash version called Dragon Age Journeys (LINK).

Cool thing is, if you beat the flash version of the game, you can unlock three starting items in Origins 😉

First PC Made – IBM PC 5150 – Playing a Video


In 1981, the IBM PC 5150 was created. It was the first IBM “Personal Computer” (PC) ever created. This isn’t to say that PC’s didn’t exist before this, but in IBM-terms this really is the first PC. People think that the 5150 is far too slow to do anything now adays, but that simply is not true. It has the capability to run videos in color with sound! It may not look the best, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still cool. You may not be able to watch Lord of the Rings on it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t give you some pixel love! Check out this video by Trickster as he shows his hacked IBM PC 5150 playing video–


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