Today is Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

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Video: Super Mario Beatboxing


This is a video by Hikakin — a Japanese Beatboxer. He beatboxes Super Mario Bros / Brothers 1, 2, and 3 music and probably some others like Allstars, Land, and World.

Anyway, enjoy the music 😉 Perhaps try to beatbox along? I know I personally have amazing beat boxing skills (kidding).

Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss – Firefly (Official Music Video)


Here is the song of the week.

Paul Oakenfold feat. Matt Goss – Firefly (Official Music Video)


AM/FM by !!! Chk Chik Chick


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AM/FM by !!! Chk Chik Chick

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Music: Jurassic Park Theme Song – 1000x Slower Version


I had the opportunity to listen to the Jurassic Park theme song earlier today. This version is different than the normal one we’ve come to love. Yes, very different, as it has been slowed down 1000 times over, thus transforming it into what sounds like a masterpiece of a song! Listen to it below.

The Guild – Game On


They are continuing their music business! Check it out here if you missed it.


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