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Funny Video: Nobody Likes M. Night Shyamalan’s Movies


After all this time, I thought I was the only one! College Humor made this glorious video about M. Night Shyamalan’s career…and how it’s going downhill. A lot of people just don’t like his movies anymore…Some might even HATE them. If you’ve seen his movies and actually know who he is, then watch this…Now! For those who don’t recall who he is, he did “The Sixth Sense”.

Vampires Suck Trailer


Vampires Suck

Here is a funny trailer for all you people who do not like the twilight series.

It should hopefully be funny.

Iron Man 2 Interactive Trailer


As the title says, you get to explore the trailer.. interactively.

Funny Video: How Twilight Should Have Ended


Think the movie Twilight should have ended differently? You’re not alone. Here’s one alternate ending (that was animated very well!):


The Karate Kid Trailer 2 (2010)


Jackie Chan is in the new Karate Kid movie? Damn right he is… the news about this has been well received by some, and badly received by others. Let us hope they do a great job at the movie. Here is the latest Karate Kid Trailer.


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