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Mortal Kombat Sitcom: Shao Kahn Comes to Dinner


Dorkly/Collegehumor makes some great sitcoms for Sub Zero & Scorpion living together. Here is one of them.

Funny Video: Mortal Kombat Sitcom – Get Over Here


This is by Dorkly and is pretty hilarious. Scorpion and SubZero live together as roomates and naturally Sub Zero has a thing for Sheeva.

Kano is the pesky neighbor in this sitcom that is “filmed in front of a live audience” 😉

“Aw Sub Zero, get over here!”

mortal kombat legacy


Do you all remember seeing our post for a teaser trailer for a “new” Mortal Kombat movie called Mortal Kombat Rebirth? Although that turned out to not happen, many of those characters are now involved in a different Mortal Kombat show. This new Mortal Kombat series – titled Mortal Kombat Legacy – is aired on Youtube for free. You can watch Mortal Kombat Legacy here. Below you will find episode one.

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Funny Picture: Muslim Mortal Kombat


Hopefully nobody gets offended over this, but come on, it’s pretty funny! This is a picture taken from that has two Mortal Kombat characters showing. Can you find them?
Click the picture to enlarge it.

Muslim Mortal Kombat

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New Mortal Kombat Trailer – Mortal Kombat Rebirth the Movie


5/16/11 *Updated Video Again and Post*

It seems that this isn’t a trailer per se… this video is meant to provide hype for E3 and is a movie pitch to the fellows over at Warner Brothers. Let us hope that they are impressed… I know I was. You can find a Mortal Kombat 2013 IMDB page that addresses information related to this.

It seems that the Mortal Kombat series is being redone. It is much more hardcore than before, and is more realistic as well. Just watch this extended length trailer and be prepared to be impressed.


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