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Cool Video: Ip Man (Wing Chun) VS 10 Karate Black Belts


If you’re into martial arts, then I recommend seeing the movie Ip Man. It’s a great movie and is even highly rated on IMDB. In this scene, Ip (Yip) Man fights 10 people using the martial art style called Wing Chun, which was apparently created by a female as specified by the movie. It does not rely on brute strength, but a long series of techniques that are good for not only defending / blocking, but also attacking, striking, and grappling. This scene is basically Japan VS China — a fight between the Chinese (Ip Man’s side) VS the Japanese for winning rice. If you see the movie, watch it with the original audio (I think Cantonese) with English subtitles. Note that there is some blood in this scene, so don’t watch this if your age consists of a single digit rather than 2 (or 3!).

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Video: The secret behind the one punch KO


Here is a video I enjoyed. National Geographic did a study on various martial arts to see which would be the most effective for knocking a person out. Can you guess which one got first and a close second? I’ll give you a hint, Kung Fu got last place. Go see how Taekwondo, Karate, and Boxing faired.

You may watch the video here.

When conducting the same test but with kicks, a Muay Thai boxer placed first, generating enough force equivalent to a 35 mph accident – rendering the dummy useless. In second place was Tae Kwon Do, producing a devastating kick of 1500 pounds of force, and Kung Fu with only 1000 pound of force. Although this test was unfair in my opinion as the Muay Thai boxer used his knee rather than the end of his foot like the other participants. Sorry, no footage here.

In another scientific test for striking speed, scientists tested to see if a martial artist could throw a punch faster than a snake. A snake on average can strike eight to ten feet (two-and-a-half to three meters) in a second. Can you guess which type of martial arts was able to strike faster than a snake? You would be correct if you said Kung Fu – Wushu specifically. Sadly no video on this one either.

Just a couple things to note: The reading scores are biased based on the weight of the puncher. A lighter person will have less of a score. Also the Kung Fu punched shown is not a one-inch punch.

Wanna know your punching speed? Well you can if you have an ipod touch or iphone with Punch Power Meter Pro. Just calibrate it, hold it in your hand, and strike! Although I wouldn’t believe it to be too accurate.

Martial Arts: Hakkei


This is called Hakkei. Notice how the force of the hit travels through the person blocking and makes the other person feel the force?

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