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Video Game Cupcakes! Diabetic Gamers Beware!


I just stumbled upon this because of Mr.Bot-a-cus the 3rd, who happened to briefly mention it. Check out these game cupcakes! And, as Wrathie says, “They’re awesome, unless you’re a diabetic gamer, in which case they’re simply cruel…” — After all, who wouldn’t want to eat a Pacman ghost?

Video Game Cupcakes - Mario, Pacman, Dig Dug, Missile Command.


Check out more cool-looking cupcakes Here. There’s literally 100 Cupcakes. How many do you recognize?

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Mario Made Out of Toast


You haven’t seen Mario…Until you’ve seen him made out of toast! I always had a feeling that 8-bit Mario was delicious. Now I know it’s true!

Mario Made Out of Toast

Super Smash – The Most Hardcore Super Mario Video Ever


This is the most hard core, well done Super Mario video ever. Mario, Luigi, the Princess, Bowser, and Mushroom get a total remix. I think you all will like this video… music is great too. Want a copy of it? Download the Super Mario 64 Devastation’s Doorway Remix here.


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