Today is Saturday, 28th March 2020

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Bowser World 1-1


I’ve been playing Paper Mario:  The Thousand Year Door recently, and one level that surprised me completely was this:  Bowser storming through Mario World 1-1!!!!!

So far the best thing that happened in any mario game to date!



Super Mario speed run


they somehow messed with the speed of the game itself and resulting in gameplay shown:

They talk for 50 seconds…

Funny Video: Real Life Mario Kart


Mario Kart / Cart is for sure one of the best Mario games out there. Someone got creative and decided to do real life Mario carting! He dressed up as him and even threw bananas at cars. I wonder what the police thought about it. The cops did go after the driver in this video after all 🙂

Funny Video: Yoshi Hates Mario


This video made me laugh a good bit 🙂 If you’ve ever played Yoshi’s Island or any of the other Yoshi games, then you’ll definitely laugh about this too. Good times…with those frustrating games.

The Problem With Warp Whistles


Here is a hilarious video from CollegeHumor. It pokes fun at people who used the warp whistles in the game


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