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Lawn Mower Racing!


Totally unrelated to everything else on this site, I personally think this is an awesome sport! I’m so going to join the official league that’s been around since 1992 once I get to that stage in life.

Automatic Lawn Mower


This really defeats all our technical little mower bots that drive themselves around and parks back into a charging station…

Miniture Car? Nope! It’s an Automatic Lawn Mower!


Automatic Lawn Mower

Automatic Lawn Mower

I recently just read this article on Tomshardware. The company Husqvarna just recently released some nice looking automatic lawn mowers that actually look like miniture cars! These lawn mowers retail from $1600 dollars and up,with the premium version costing just over $3000 and being able to recharge by solar power. This thing unfortunately has some pretty awful stats, and covers less than an acre of land.


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