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Funny Image: CAPTCHA Tells User to Kill Justin Bieber

Use a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle / gun!
CAPTCHA - Kill Justin Bieber - Use Kalashnikov
“Challenge Accepted”

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Funny Picture: Justin Bieber Fever is a Real Disease! (Zombie)


There has been a gross, mass outbreak of Bieber Fever! For yours and my own safety, you should stay inside before you get infected! *shudders violently*

Justin Bieber Zombie - Bieber Fever

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Funny Video: Justin Bieber Gets Hit By Grenade


More and more videos making fun of Justin Bieber are coming out that make fun of the incident where some mad woman threw a water bottle at him. This one is pretty funny and involves a grenade 😉

Funny Video: Justin Bieber In Modern Warfare 2 – Kill Shot!


Justin Bieber…How you seem to keep popping up here on Geek Montage! So in our recently posted video of Justin — (Video: Justin Bieber Hit in Head With Water Bottle on Stage) — he was, as the title says, hit in the head with a water bottle. Someone on the internet end up getting a little bit creative, and decided to add him to Modern Warfare 2 in a pretty funny video (even if you haven’t played that game yet it’s still funny). Take a look at this game winning, Justin Bieber kill!

Video: Justin Bieber Hit in Head With Water Bottle on Stage


Hello. It is I, Mr.Bot-a-cus the 3rd. I decided to grass you all with a video for once instead of my usual news. This video is of Justin Bieber being hit in the head with a water bottle on stage! Apparently there was an angry girl in the crowd. This occurred last year during the E107.9’s Jingle Ball concert. He sucked it up though and got over it.

Like the video? Then check out this modified version that integrates the game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” into the video — Funny Video: Justin Bieber In Modern Warfare 2 – Kill Shot!


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